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St. Anthony play their hearts out in Florida

Recreational hockey league played two games in Florida tournament

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – After playing against Chicago and Tampa Bay, a team from St. Anthony’s recreational hockey league have returned home from a weekend tournament in Clearwater, Florida.  

But their sights are already set on partaking in the tournament again next year.  

“Seems like everyone is pretty well in tune to get the team back in again,” said organizer and player Noah Smith. 

The Annual Weekend Hockey Tournament ran from April 19-21. Smith and the boys won against Chicago 4-3 and lost to Tampa Bay 5-2. Tampa Bay’s team ended up taking the championship game.  

“Like us, most teams were there just to have fun,” said Smith. “They all played hard and aggressive but we stood our ground.” 

Their game against Chicago was the first of the tournament, and the St. Anthony team also had the honour of scoring the first goal of the tournament.  

St. Anthony was also the sole Newfoundland and Labrador team there, and Smith says they had a “Newfie room” they used to promote the province and, of course, Screech many players in. 

“The team Screeched in about 35 people. A lot of them committed that they would make a trip to Newfoundland,” he said. “So, we were great ambassadors for the province for sure – in more ways than one.” 

While they brought along plenty of Screech, the team was lacking a cod for the initiates to kiss. Smith joked that luckily Maurice Simmons was brought along to step in for the cod. 

The St. Anthony team returned Tuesday, April 24, exhausted from the eventful weekend. As well as doing some sightseeing, the team also attended an NHL playoff game between Tampa Bay Lightning and the New Jersey Devils. It was the game that took the Devils out of the playoffs. 

“Many of us had never seen an NHL game before, let alone a playoff game,” said Smith. “It was a superb time, great weather and great people.” 

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