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Here’s what Apple announced at its iPad-focused ‘Let Loose’ event

Today Apple held its ‘Let Loose’ event, where in less than 38 minutes the company introduced its latest and most advanced iPad hardware. A few software surprises were also sprinkled in.

In the market for a new iPad? Curious to see what new products Apple has announced? Here’s everything shared at the event.

M4 iPad Pro

The rumors are true: Apple introduced its next-generation M4 chip in the new iPad Pro, which is on sale now and available on May 15. It gives the iPad lineup, at least for now, the most advanced chip Apple makes.

Along with the major performance boost from the M4, the new iPad Pro comes with a major display upgrade. Apple calls this new display Ultra Retina XTR. It is powered by OLED and is available in 11-inch and 13-inch models. There’s also a nano-textured glass option for the first time.

Other notable iPad Pro features include a thin industrial design and a front-facing camera that moves to a landscape edge.

The iPad Air 6 now has a 13-inch model

It was a good day for big-screened iPad fans, as the iPad Air 6 expands the Air lineup to include two models, the 13-inch size joining the existing 11-inch size. Both sizes are available to order now and will ship on May 15.

The new iPad Air gets an M2 chip, follows the trend of landscape front-facing cameras, has more entry-level storage tiers, and more.

Apple Pencil Pro

Both the M4 iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 are compatible with Apple’s latest generation Pencil model: the Apple Pencil Pro.

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The Pencil Pro features a new pressure gesture that apps can use to provide a variety of custom actions. A built-in gyroscope lets you roll the pencil more precisely with the tool you’re using. The device also has Find My integration.

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

The M4 has a new Magic Keyboard that pairs exclusively with the iPad Pro. It promises to be thinner and lighter than the previous Magic Keyboard, though adds pro features like a larger trackpad and function row.

Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2 for iPad

Over the years, Apple has introduced powerful new iPad hardware without providing much of a software story. In particular there is a dearth of first-party software descriptions. However, today things are different.

Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2 for iPad were considered the strongest examples of Pro iPad apps made by Apple. They showcased the benefits of powerful new hardware by showcasing advanced features such as live multicom and stem splitting.

Final Cut Camera App

One surprise app announced today is Final Cut Camera, a new iPhone and iPad app that will launch later this spring. The free first-party app will directly support the new Live Multicam feature found in Final Cut Pro for iPad. It can also serve as a full-fledged video capture app for those who need access to advanced manual controls.

Unannounced: iPad mini or base iPad

As expected, Apple has no news to share about the iPad mini or the base-model iPad. Updates for both devices are expected later this year.

Despite the lack of new hardware, Apple implemented an unannounced change to the base iPad: its 10th-gen model now starts at $349 lower, while the 9th-gen option has been discontinued.

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End of iPad event

Following a year in which the iPad received no hardware updates, Apple is overdue to give its tablet lineup some love. Today’s announcements are all about the top tier of iPad hardware, with the new M4 iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 pushing the iPad lineup forward in major ways.

With these iPad releases out of the way, Apple can now turn its attention to the various OS updates expected to be unveiled at the AI-focused WWDC in June.

What do you think about today’s announcements? You have ordered An M4 iPad Pro or iPad Air 6? Let us know in the comments.

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