Netflix's app doesn't work on Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro headset won't have a dedicated Netflix app, A step Report from BloombergMark Gurman. The streaming giant doesn't plan to launch an app for Apple's headset, and doesn't want to make its iPad app compatible with the platform.

The move means users won't be able to watch Netflix in a dedicated app, just like other streaming services that have announced support for the headset, including Disney Plus, Max, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount Plus. Instead, users must watch content from Netflix in a web browser, which wearers rarely watch movies or TV shows. This prevents users from viewing content offline and may place limits on resolution, as well as video quality on Netflix's web app. Varies by browser.

“Just like how our members can enjoy Netflix on Macs, our members can enjoy Netflix in the web browser on Vision Pro,” Netflix spokeswoman Kumiko Hidaka said in a statement. on the edge. Apple did not immediately respond on the edgeA request for comment.

Brave fireballs John Gruber says Netflix made a version of its iPad app available to Vision Pro testers that was working “just fine,” and the decision not to release it had little to do with members' happiness.

As of this week, a little birdie informed me that the Netflix iPad app was available for those with access to Vision Pro hardware, and that it worked fine. This Bird's Vision Pro still has the Netflix iPad app installed. People at Netflix may disagree on how well that worked — I don't know — but I get the strong impression that the decision was political/strategic/hateful, not technical.

Netflix was not mentioned in Apple's announcement yesterday that Vision Pro will launch alongside 3D movies and experiences from Disney Plus and Apple TV. The $3,499 headset's lack of Netflix may make the device less appealing to those looking to use it as a place to stream their favorite shows and movies.

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Update January 17, 6:20PM ET: Added a statement from Netflix.

Updated January 19, 4:48AM ET: Added comments by John Gruber.

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