You can now enjoy Copilot on your Android for free

If you are already used to using Co-pilot, you might like this news: Microsoft has already released a specific Copilot app for Android devices. This way, You don't need to use Ping to access Microsoft Assistant.

Its release was silent and we were not aware of its existence until a week later. However, it is currently only available for Android. iOS users should Wait a little longerAlthough it is uncertain how long.

When you take a closer look at the Copilot app, you will see that it does not differ much from ChatGPT. With the app, you can do the same things you did with Copilot with Bing: creating images with DALL-E, writing emails or other documents, etc. Don't forget that it also has free access to GPT-4. We can use ChatGPT but pay for its plus version.

The app's release comes a month after Microsoft officially changed the name Ping Chat To Gopilat. Redmond launched its AI initiative earlier this year and integrated it with its search engine, Bing. Now, Microsoft has ditched the Bing Chat name altogether, and Copilot has an experience comparable to ChatGPT (and even has its own website).

What will be Microsoft's next step? As with OpenAI, it seems likely that this will be the development of applications for Copilot. We'll have to wait for Copilot's release on iOS. However, that doesn't mean we can't use it on our iPhones or iPads: we have to access it through the Ping app available in the App Store.

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