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Winter Storm Alerts: Snow disturbance across the US and Canada

  • By Chloe Kim
  • BBC News, Washington DC

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SEE: Northern U.S. Gets Biggest Snowfall in Decades

A severe winter storm is making its way across the US causing widespread disruption across states.

Blizzard conditions across the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin have forced many schools and businesses to close.

While about 75 million people in 29 states are under winter weather warnings, parts of the eastern United States are forecast to experience high temperatures.

Record low temperature in the US

Wind gusts of up to 50 mph (80 km/h) are expected and wind chills of as low as -50F (-45C) are forecast in some areas.

In the northern states, up to two feet (0.6m) of snow is forecast in some areas, the region’s heaviest snowfall in 30 years.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walls said the National Guard will be on hand to help stranded motorists in blizzard conditions.

“This is a reminder to stay home and limit travel if possible,” the Utah Department of Transportation warned morning commuters.

Forecasters said the storm system could produce an ice sheet 1,300 m (2,100 km) across from Nebraska to New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, a generally sunny and warm Los Angeles, California, area will experience large snow and wind gusts of up to 75 mph in the hills and foothills of Ventura and Los Angeles County.

The United States also recorded high temperatures

David Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California-Los Angeles, tweeted that “snow may be visible from some locations later this week.”

Unlike the western part of the country, parts of the eastern US will see record highs – Washington DC could reach 80F on Thursday, breaking the record set in 1874.

Temperatures could reach 90F in Orlando, Florida and 84F in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Throughout the winter, we’ve seen this consistent pattern of the western US seeing below-average temperatures and the eastern US seeing above-average temperatures,” Columbia University researcher Andrew Kruskiewicz told BBC News.

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Canada is also feeling the brunt of the winter storm

Much of the country is under a weather warning, including Toronto, which expects 4-10in (10-15cm) of snow, sleet and possible freezing rain.

Despite the warmest temperatures in the country for February, some parts of Toronto saw significant snow.

Parts of Alberta and the prairies face severe cold warnings, with temperatures dropping into the -40F (-40C) range with wind chills in some areas.

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American winter storm

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