The Jeep Wagoneer S, the brand’s first full EV for the U.S., starts at $71,995.

Jeep, the rugged American brand known for popularizing the SUV, finally has its own electric model for America. Today, in New York City, the company rated the Wagoneer S, a premium two-row SUV, at 300 miles and a lot of, shall we say, range. Interesting Design details. It includes a unique spoiler and a 45-inch digital display on the dashboard.

The only trim announced today is the Launch Edition, which goes on sale this fall with a starting price of $71,995. Other trims, including more affordable versions, will be announced later.

300 miles of range and rated for a lot, shall we say, Interesting Design details

Of course, this isn’t the all-electric Wrangler that was initially promised, and many considerations come first. .

But Jeep is one of America’s most iconic auto brands. Its hybrid models Very much popular. So people are going to be at least curious about the first battery-electric model.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ve already seen Wagonnier S. Then, earlier in the year, Jeep accidentally leaked a few photos. Finally, the company teased a pre-production prototype of the Tesla Model Y in a drag race a few weeks ago. (Guess who won.)

The Wagoneer S sports the same specs as when it was first announced for 2022, with one notable exception: the range. Jeep initially said the Wagoneer would have a range of at least 400 miles, but now that estimate appears to have been 100 miles off. Other than that, the vehicle’s specs are the same: a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain with 600 horsepower and 617 pound-feet of torque, a zero-to-60 mph time of about 3.4 seconds, and the iconic seven-pillar grille lit by LEDs.

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The iconic seven-pillar grille with LED

Jeep has kept its fans waiting for a long time to launch an all-electric model. The company outlined a full lineup of EVs, including an electric Wrangler, in 2022. The company’s first Bev Jeep Avenger went on sale in Europe last year. (More than 40,000 units are reserved, too much Latest data.) and the company says it has 50 percent sales in the U.S. and 100 percent sales in Europe by 2030.

Meanwhile, several Jeep-like rivals have released their own models, including the Rivian R1D and R1s. SUV pioneer Scout, now owned by Volkswagen, has said it will unveil its first rugged model later this year. Both Ford and GM have released their own electric trucks and several midsize SUVs.

But now, it’s Jeep’s turn. The five-passenger Wagoneer S will build a 100.5kWh battery on parent company Stellandis’ Unibody Stla large vehicle platform, one of four platforms for all of the company’s EVs. .

But unlike other STLA big platform vehicles that have 800 volt configurations, the Wagoneer S will only have a 400 volt configuration, which should theoretically mean slightly slower DC fast charging. But Jeep insists it will be even quicker, charging from 20 to 80 percent in 23 minutes.

The Wagoneer S look is definitely unique. The seven-pillar LED lights in the grille are sure to be a conversation starter—if not controversial. And the cantilevered rear spoiler, while not Cybertruck-level distinctive, still takes some getting used to. Jeep fans are already buzzing Reddit threads and various message boards.

By electrifying its premium SUV, Jeep isn’t exactly signaling that it’s an off-roader’s best EV. The words “off-road” don’t appear anywhere in Jeep’s six-page press release. . Stellandis Pouring in millions of dollars to develop its own electric drive modules (no, Not that kind of EDM) in three different American plants for its future EVs.

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Now those EDMs are used in Wagoneers, which drive the front and rear wheels independently. According to Jeep:

The Jeep Wagoneer S’s 3-in-1 ETMs combine the electric motor, gearing and power electronics into a single, compact unit that is both powerful and efficient. The front EDM is equipped with wheel disconnects to reduce power draw and improve range when traveling.

To make the ride as smooth and quiet as possible, Jeep’s engineers tweaked the body’s torsional stiffness for a 35 percent improvement over other midsize Jeeps. The vehicle’s aerodynamics are also optimized – typical for an EV – with a drag coefficient of 0.29. There are few indications of off-road capabilities, with five distinct drive modes: Auto, Eco, Sport, Snow and Sand. (I’m told Jeep recommends choosing sand when driving in deep snow and ice.

More importantly, Jeep is betting big on interior screen real estate. A large 45-inch glass screen extends the width of the dash, including a section for passengers—a first for Jeep. The 10.25-inch passenger display also runs on Stellandis’ Uconnect operating system and can “talk” to the main display, so passengers can share driving directions and other information.

Both the instrument cluster and central display measure 12.3 inches, and run on Uconnect. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available. While the price tag may turn some off, the Wagoneer S, 500 7,500 Federal EV. Jeep says it’s likely to qualify for a tax credit, which can be used directly at the dealership.

Vagonnier S., which has a share from Christian Meunier last year. A lot is riding on Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa cutting prices and revamping the brand’s marketing strategy. Reverse flagging US sales. The Wagoneer S will be an important part of Filosa’s efforts to breathe new life into the company. (My Q&A with Filosa tomorrow on the edge.)

Jeep’s approach is interesting, to say the least. Picking a fight with the Tesla Model Y in a drag race might strike some as a mismatched fight when the Tesla sells for $20,000 less. A better equivalent would probably have been Rivian, but E.V. Most people know Tesla as the clear leader of the race.

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Jeep has its sights set on top dog. It thinks it can win.

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