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Bev Martin helped start the slo-pitch league 31 years ago in Wabush
Bev Martin helped start the slo-pitch league 31 years ago in Wabush - Gary Shaw

Wabush Ladies Slo-Pitch Fun League going on 31 years




Bev Martin has had the Wabush Ladies-Slo Pitch Fun League solidly entrenched in her heart and soul since day one, 31 years ago.

In 1987 a small group of women got together and drafted a constitution and the Wabush Ladies Slo-Pitch Fun League was born. This group of ladies hasn’t looked back since then.

They began with women that were 16 years old or older. The league began with four teams consisting of 20 players per team. Each team from the beginning, until the present day, have continued to have players on each team that represent all levels of skill. From the very basic knowledge and skill level as players, to some really good players, the teams and the league in its entirety welcomed everyone equally. The character and mandate was after all spelled out in the very name of the League, ‘Fun,’ something that hasn’t changed from the very beginning.

In 2013 the old Wabush Legion Field, as it had been historically been called, was renamed in a surprise ceremony. A well deserved acknowledgement to so many years of unconditional service to this league and her community, it became the Bev Martin Field.

In my conversation with Fifield, she was very humble and deflected all of the acknowledgements to all of the other folks who have contributed to the success of this League.

Martin expressed gratitude to the never ending efforts of the many dedicated folks who have sat on the executive serving in the required positions with nothing but the unconditional initiatives necessary as their mandate.

She also acknowledged the many other volunteers that have given unselfishly of their time and efforts in not only the logistics of running the League but just as importantly, keeping the fun in it.

She was also clear on the importance of the huge support of the Town of Wabush, the community at large, and the many sponsors from within the business community that have delivered the necessary solid support for so many years.

The league has continued to grow. They currently have seven teams made up of 20 players per team, with a total of 140 players hitting the field Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night each week from mid June until well into September each season.

The players range in age from 16 years to well into their 70’s. All the games are played with fun and sportsmanship as the top priority. Some games end with a tight fought battle and a 2 to 1 score while others may end up with the score at 35 to nothing. It doesn’t matter; fun for all is the goal achieved every game.

The league has three tournaments each year as well as their regular games. They also host an annual year-end banquet with great local business sponsorship. Each year the league makes annual donations to well deserving local charitable organizations.

This league, their sponsors, the community of Wabush, and the many players and volunteers from both of our communities deserve a huge pat on the back, for achieving such great success for something that truly matters, for so many years.

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