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With the respect to John Gillett’s recent letter (“Fishermen never wanted a big brother”), let me say that with the amendment tothe NAFO agreement a few years ago (voted down by the House of Commons) but with the support of the province, industry andthe union, passed anyway by the Harper government, NAFO nations are taking over where DFO is leaving off.

Since then there have been several attempts to use $400 million in tax dollars ($280 million from Ottawa) to again “rationalize” the inshore fishery (remember the province’s big, $400-million MOU?) — all with the objective of shutting down the plants and the inshore fishery that brought almost a million dollars a year of new money into almost every coastal community.

Now we have the province, the federal government and all three parties supporting giving up the province’s last vestige of sovereignty (minimum processing requirements) over our fishery — for what? A one-time payment of $280 million from big brother Ottawa. How shortsighted and stealthily deceptive have our leaders become.

We are being led by a few modern day, greed oriented, corporate fish “brokers” — and it would be a misuse of the English language to call them fish processors — all of whom are supported by the FFAW.

What a multi-year, multi-decade, intergovernmental (international, national, provincial), industry and union “strategy” we have been subjected to, the purpose of which is to push N.L. out of the fishery and open the flood gates to the NAFO nations and the province’s unsustainable, industrial/cash crop vision, all driven by corporate greed.

Maurice Adams


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