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New mayors hope to stay the course and improve communities

MAIN BROOK AND HAWKE’S BAY, NL – Two new mayors in Main Brook and Hawke’s Bay are hoping to tackle the challenges facing rural Newfoundland and ensure a future for their communities.    

Main Brook’s Barb Genge will become mayor by acclamation after Sept. 26. Her main goal is to create employment for the town so young people will have to reason to both stay in and move to Main Brook.

“Everybody wants to see what they got remain,” said Genge. “And the only way to do that is to create employment.”

With a limited number of young students at Main Brook’s school and Genge’s own five-year-old grandson in mind, she’s hoping for big opportunities and sustainable development.

“We can’t just have make-work projects – we need something that’s sustainable and is going bring young people here,” she said.

Upcoming mayor of Hawke’s Bay, Garcien Plowman, hopes to overcome all obstacles and provide a successful four years for the town.

Garcien Plowman has lived in Hawke’s Bay for 23 years and has been on council the past six. With current mayor Lloyd Bennett stepping down, Plowman has decided to step up to the plate and fill the mayoral shoes.

While dealing with personal health challenges, Plowman hopes to combat the odds and serve a successful four years as mayor.

“My mission is to stay the course and try to fulfill the mandate we started,” said Plowman.

He hopes to keep taxes as affordable as possible, and follow through on plans to pave the rest of Hawke’s Bay’s roads.

A main concern for both Genge and Plowman is to ensure clean water is provided for their communities.

Barb Genge’s main goal as the next mayor of Main Brook is to provide employment and a sustainable future for young people in the community.

“We want support for our water system, specifically an automatic generator that cuts in when problems arise,” said Genge.

“Development is very important, it becomes a hassle when you don’t have the basic necessities.”

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