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Labrador West hunter has trip of a lifetime

Some of the birds Parsons had the opportunity to hunt.
Some of the birds Parsons had the opportunity to hunt. - Contributed


Saying Luke Parsons from Wabush is a passionate migratory bird hunter is an understatement. He has already spent more time hunting these birds than most would do in two lifetimes.

He hunted migratory birds with his dad as he grew up in the Parsons Pond area of Newfoundland, and his working career brought him to Labrador 11 years ago.

As his passion grew for the bird hunt, he continued to look farther for more opportunities. Saskatchewan is the breadbasket of the migratory birds’ annual travels and experiences the biggest migration of birds in Canada. This prairie pothole region sees the biggest nesting grounds for all of the dabbler ducks in North America, and provides opportunities for serious hunters from all over the world.

Luke did his homework and knew this was a destination he had to hunt. He told the Aurora he participated in a snow goose spring hunt two years ago and knew that he had to return for the multi-species hunt that a fall trip would bring. This was the year and he said he certainly wasn’t disappointed.

He has a good hunting relationship with Lucky Lake Hunting Adventures, south from Saskatoon. Luke recently returned from a three-day hunt that he said was nothing short of incredible. He hunted out of blinds, which were set up in already-harvested grain and pea fields with a full set of decoys set up in a presentation format. The expectation was to harvest a full limit and see lots of birds each day – and there weren’t any disappointments. Luke said he and the other hunters on his hunt saw tens of thousands of birds.

Variety was the bonus on this hunt. Greater and Lesser Canada Geese, along with Speckle Belly Geese, were plentiful. The Sand Hill Crane has had a dramatic spike in numbers recently and are now offered on the hunt. These are giant birds with wingspans reaching seven feet and, in many circles, the absolute best migratory bird to eat.

Along with a significant number of ducks thrown in the mix with multiple species choices, sure made for an incredible hunting experience on so many levels.

Saskatchewan kept calling Luke until he answered. He sure isn’t sorry that he had the opportunity to participate in such a world-class hunt as he looks ahead to another trip in the future.

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