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Further development in Shearstown subdivision can’t proceed without water, sewer lines

Bay Roberts Deputy Mayor Walter Yetman.
Bay Roberts Deputy Mayor Walter Yetman. - -File photo

Town of Bay Roberts won’t pave cul-de-sac until residents address underground infrastructure


The Town of Bay Roberts has granted approval for a single residential home to be developed in a small subdivision, but it will not permit anymore beyond that until local resident pay for the installation of underground infrastructure.

Currently, there are six homes located on Tilts Hill Place in Shearstown, located off of Earles Road. According to a memo public works director Sean Elms prepared for council, all service lines for those homes are hooked up to Earlies Road and run through private land.

Deputy Mayor Walter Yetman, chair of the public works committee, brought forward a motion Tuesday, Nov. 27, to approve a request for a seventh residential development within the subdivision, so long as the applicant connects to the existing water and sewer lines linked to Earles Road. However, he added the town will not permit further residential development in the area until proper underground infrastructure is installed subject to town requirements.

“The town will not pay the cost of this installation of water and sewer infrastructure,” the deputy mayor said, later adding that all residents will be notified about this. The motion was passed.

A request for paving on Tilts Hills Place was also denied at the same council meeting. Yetman said water and sewer infrastructure would need to be addressed before the town would consider paving the road.

According to Elms’ memo, the committee felt current infrastructure met the needs of the existing houses and could handle more homes if required, but did not feel it would adequately serve future growth in the area. It also identified fire protection as an issue for the road, indicating there should be a prospering fire hydrant at a dead-end street greater than 500 feet in length. Tils Hill Place is currently 650 feet.

The memo also indicated these issues would not exist had previous development applicants in the area installed proper water and sewer infrastructure as requested by the town instead of connecting lines to Earles Road.

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