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UPDATED: Police investigating snowmobile fatality near Conche

Mounties are investigating the sudden deaths of a man and a woman in Port Hood.
Roddickton RCMP got a call at around 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 16. - SaltWire File Photo

57-year-old man found dead


The town of Conche is in mourning again after another accident claimed the life of a resident.

On Saturday, March 16, a 57-year-old man died after his snowmobile went over a cliff in an area known as the Glass Hole, about two miles southeast of Conche.

The tragedy for the Great Northern Peninsula town comes just five months after the man’s brother drowned.

Conche Mayor Brendon Fitzpatrick says the town is in shock.

“Everybody’s pretty devastated,” he told The Northern Pen.

Fitzpatrick says everyone knew the man, who had lived in Conche his entire life.

“He interacted with everybody – old people and young people,” the mayor said. “And if any strangers were in the harbour, he was talking to them, and he didn’t mind inviting them home for a cup of tea or whatever.”

Meanwhile, community outreach to the grieving family is underway.

Loretta Lewis is a member of the bereavement committee for Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conche.

She says the church has been meeting with the family and providing food and comfort during the difficult time.

“We just go and spend time with the family and help them out,” she said.

Gerry Bromley, another member of the church, says the community, as a whole, tries to be hospitable during times like these.

“That’s what people do, lots of people go there and try to ease the pain,” he said.

According to Fitzpatrick, the cliff at the Glass Hole is about 200 to 250 feet high. The area where the man went over is not a place where snowmobilers typically travel, as there is no groomed trail.

Fitzpatrick says conditions were good that day, with just a little wind.

RCMP was called around 6 p.m. Police, along with local residents, the Conche Volunteer Fire Department and Long Range Search and Rescue located the man and recovered his body.

According to RCMP Corporal Mark Walsh with Roddickton RCMP the search took about two and a half hours. He said there were three witnesses to the incident so they knew where to look.

"They knew where he was so searching to find him wasn’t an issue," he said. "It was more about recovery,"

RCMP have not released the man’s identity.

The investigation is ongoing.

Earlier story: The body of a 57-year-old man was recovered near Conche following a report of a snowmobile going off a cliff.

Roddickton RCMP got a call at around 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 16 about the fatality near Glass Hole, approximately 3 km outside of Conche.

Searchers, including the RCMP, residents, Conche Volunteer Fire Department and Long Range Search and Rescue, located and recovered the body of the man. RCMP said the investigation is ongoing and they would like to thank all who assisted.

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