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St. Anthony mayor reflects on success of 2018 goals and what’s ahead in 2019

St. Anthony Mayor Desmond McDonald reflects on ups and downs of the past year and what’s he hoping for in 2019.
St. Anthony Mayor Desmond McDonald reflects on ups and downs of the past year and what’s he hoping for in 2019. - Stephen Roberts


Last year, in the 2018 New Year’s Edition of The Northern Pen, St. Anthony Mayor Desmond McDonald discussed what he was hoping to accomplish for the community in 2018.

Looking back on the last 12 months, McDonald reflected on those answers and whether the town succeeded in those goals. He also talked about what is on the horizon for 2019:

Q. Last year, you said you were hoping to do paving. Did you get that done?

A. Yeah, we did $600,000 worth of paving in the town.

Q. You said you were in need of a firehall?

A. We didn’t get anywhere with that. That’s one of the capital works projects we’ve applied for. We’re hoping to get funding to do the engineering piece in 2019. So, we’ve already re-applied for that and we’re hoping that’s something that will happen in 2019.

Q. Are you hopeful it will be approved this time?

A. It’s been a couple years now that we’ve been trying to get this approved. There’s only so many government dollars to go around. With the new infrastructure funding from the federal government, there should be a few extra dollars to go around this year. So, we’re hopeful. We got a couple of other projects that are probably a little more pressing, but we’re hoping that’s one of them that gets done.

Q. What are you some of the things that are more pressing?

A. Cabot and Cormack Street are in dire need of water and sewer and pavement work. We’ve been after that one for a number of years to get that done. We got that put as a priority to get done in 2019. So, we’re hoping the provincial government is going to come on side with us.

Q. Last year, you said, “Overall, we’re hoping to stay on top of everything and move forward. There’s lots of positive things happening in our area and we’re optimistic for the future of our town.” Do you still feel the same way a year later?

A. Yeah, I do. I’m still optimistic about the future. There are still a few projects on the horizon. You know, the Crémaillère port. Obviously, the pellet plant thing has not necessarily gone the way we had anticipated it would go. But we’re still happy with the result, it means employment on the Great Northern Peninsula. So that’s a bonus for the whole area.

I still got a positive vibe about what’s happening here with mineral exploration and the potential development. I’m still feeling good about the future.

Q. Is there anything else you’re hoping to get done in 2019?

A. Our senior housing complex. Construction took place during 2018 and we’ve had a number of delays, through no fault of our own. That comes with any construction project. We’re hoping that will be completed early in the new year and then we can go through the application process and get some tenets moved in as fast as possible.

Other than that, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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