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Removal of MPs a difficult, but necessary decision: Hutchings

Hutchings - File

Gudie Hutchings says the expulsion of her colleagues from the Liberal caucus this week was a difficult decision, but a necessary one.

The Member of Parliament for the Long Range Mountains was referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s removal of former cabinet members Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Trudeau claims the trust between the Liberal team and the two members had been irrevocably broken as a result of the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Specifics included Wilson-Raybould secretly recorded a conversation with Michael Wernick, clerk of the privy council, and Philpott speaking out against the prime minister.

Hutchings says she is confident the Liberal team can get past the situation as a stronger, unified team.

“(Tuesday), a difficult decision was made, but a necessary decision,” she said in an email response to a request for an interview.

“However, I am now confident that, as your government, and as a team, we are prepared to move forward, focused on Canadians to keep doping the good work we were elected to do.”

With the signing of the Atlantic Accord, Hutchings noted this is an important week for Newfoundland and Labrador.

“All seven MPs will continue to work with the province, and all Canadians, to provide results,” she said. “However, without acting as a united team, with trust and faith in one another, we will not be able to produce many of these results.”

Hutchings says constituents had been reaching out in recent weeks to ask their representatives in the House of Commons to find common ground for the Liberal team to move forward and focus on work it was elected to do.

“Sadly, this could not happen,” she said.

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