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Motorists advised of caribou on Northern Peninsula roads

['Surveys of caribou herds around Deer Lake, Baie Verte and north along the Northern Peninsula to St. Anthony will be conducted in the coming weeks. ']
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Extra caution recommended in certain areas

The motoring public on the Northern Peninsula are asked to exercise caution when travelling in the area between St. Anthony Airport to Eddies Cove along Route 430, and from Daniel’s Harbour to the Port au Choix turnoff.

A significant portion of the caribou herds in the region are overwintering in proximity to Route 430. These animals can be expected to remain in the regions throughout the winter, making them vulnerable to motorized traffic as they are required to cross these roads at various locations.

Motorists are asked to remain vigilant and reduce speed, particularly at night, when travelling along these sections of the highway where there is an increased potential for encounters.

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