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Labrador-Grenfell Health board member ‘disturbed’ by doctor’s firing


Iris Decker, a member of the Labrador-Grenfell Health (LGH) board of directors, said she is troubled by the news of Dr. Alexis Caro-Guzman’s firing.

“I’m disturbed by us losing more doctors because we’ve been fighting … for more doctors ever since I’ve been on the board for almost 10 years,” Decker told the Northern Pen on Wednesday.

“To have one dismissed without cause is very disturbing to me as a board member.”

Decker only learned of the dismissal after the fact, she said.

Caro-Guzman, a family physician in St. Anthony for the last decade, was let go earlier this month.

Decker was not notified of the firing through LGH and found out through other means.

She said she was unaware the chief executive officer of LGH could conduct a dismissal without the board’s permission or involvement.

Decker had no further comments at this time but said the board of directors will be meeting in June. She expects the doctor’s dismissal to be a subject of discussion.

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