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Government issues RFP to replace Apollo

The Apollo
The MV Apollo currently provides the Strait of Belle Isle ferry service

Deadline for submissions July 6

The provincial government has issued a request for proposals for a new ferry for the Strait of Belle Isle.

A new vessel would replace the MV Apollo, which has serviced the region, travelling between St. Barbe and Blanc Sablon, since 2000.

Frequent complaints have risen over the 48-year-old vessel's capabilities to provide an adequate service to the region.

The ferry's capacity and ability to travel through winter ice, with frequent delays and cancellations, have been called into question.

St. Barbe - L'Anse aux Meadows MHA Christopher Mitchelmore posted on Facebook that the RFP is "for a larger vessel for 12 years with option to renew."

"This is necessary as transportation will automatically flow north with completion of Route 138 (the Quebec Lower North Shore highway)," Mitchelmore continued. "This give time to also make necessary decisions and would encompass time to complete a fixed-link."

The deadline for submissions is July 6.

More information to come.

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