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Gander issues demolition order for section of ‘dilapidated’ strip mall

The Town of Gander has issues a demolition order for the mid-section of this strip mall.
This mid-section of strip mall has had a demolition order issued by the Town of Gander . - Adam Randell

Owner has right to appeal decision

GANDER, NL – The Town of Gander has signed off on a demolition order for a section of strip mall on Elizabeth Drive due to safety concerns and its unsightly appearance.  

The order was issued for 283, 285 and 287 Elizabeth Drive, the middle components of the strip mall across from the town’s recreational area. 

It was noted at Tuesday’s meeting of council the end lots of the building are in acceptable condition, but the mid-section is a concern as the overhang is falling down and the roof is caving in. 

The building is in such a dilapidated state, the fire chief issued an order that prevents department members from entering the building should a fire occur as it is a safety hazard, said Coun. Pat Woodford  

Coun. Rob Anstey said this has been an ongoing issue for years, and several attempts to have the owner carry out repairs have been unsuccessful. 

We as a town can not allow a building to sit year after year, after year, in a dilapidated state,” said Anstey. We had to have some kind of power somewhere to say, this is enough. 

The owner will have 30 days to demolish the section of building. Otherwise, the town has authority through the Municipalities Act to move forward with demolition and cleanup, and charge the building’s owner for the cost. 

Anstey noted the owner does have the right to appeal the order. 

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