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Crew mustered on second Newfoundland offshore rig due to smoke

The deepwater rig, Henry Goodrich, as it prepares to move to the Flemish Pass to drill a second Mizzen well for Statoil Canada. Alongside the rig is the anchor handling tug, Skandi Vega. — Submitted photo
Henry Goodrich rig. Alongside the rig is the anchor handling tug, Skandi Vega. — Submitted photo/file photo

Smoked detected in thruster room aboard the Henry Goodrich

Stormy weather and high winds wreaked havoc offshore Newfoundland Nov. 15.

In addition to the muster on Hebron, there was also a muster on the Henry Goodrich rig, which is also operating on the Grand Banks.

Husky Energy spokesperson Colleen McConnell confirmed on the evening of Nov. 16 that the muster on board the drilling rig Henry Goodrich was called following the detection of smoke in one of the thruster rooms.

McConnell said all personnel mustered safely, and were stood down shortly thereafter.

She said there were 110 personnel on board at the time.

A person who requested not to be identified told The Telegram the smoke on the Henry Goodrich was caused by heavy running of the thrusters during the storm in order to ease tension on the anchor chains. The source said the heavy running of the thrusters caused oil to seep in the thruster room, resulting in smoke.

McConnell neither confirmed nor denied that the smoke was caused by heavy running of the thrusters when The Telegram asked the question via email.

According to the anonymous source, the source of the oil seepage was shut off and the issue was resolved. The source said the thruster was back in service shortly afterward.

The source said they were “concerned that the operators do not consider evacuating employees in extreme weather,” adding, “Going in a lifeboat today would likely be a death sentence.”

McConnell said the facilities are designed and certified for operation offshore.

A muster was also triggered on the Hebron offshore platform after reports of smoke in the living quarters, but an inspection determined there was no fire.

ExxonMobil public and government affairs adviser Lynn Evans said all personnel were safe, and some workers returned to their duties after the muster.

Hebron shut down production on the morning of Nov. 15 due to adverse weather conditions.

There were 213 people on the platform at the time.

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