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Discarded needles a concern in George’s Brook-Milton

These needles were discovered just under Ryder’s Brook in George’s Brook-Milton.
These needles were discovered just under Ryder’s Brook in George’s Brook-Milton. - Submitted

RCMP notified of situation

GEORGE’S BROOK-MILTON, N.L. — It’s any parent’s nightmare.

Cassandra Melissa, mother of three, says that yesterday evening her boyfriend discovered several discarded needles just under Ryder’s Brook bridge in George’s Brook-Milton.

The needles have since been collected by town employees and are ready to be disposed of.

In years past, the area has been a popular swimming hole.

Just last summer, dangerous debris from the old bridge damaged during Hurricane Igor, was removed to make the area safer for swimmers.

But the presence of needles raises concerns for parents like Cassandra.

“If you’re finding stuff like that down there, I wouldn’t let my kids go down,” she said. “Who knows if there’s any needles in the water?”

Mayor Craig Pardy says it’s not the first complaint of discarded needles being found in the community. Earlier this month, a number of needles was found near the cemetery in George’s Brook-Milton.

“This is a new issue for us,” said Pardy, who has been involved with local governance since 2013.

The incidents have been reported to Clarenville RCMP, and Pardy says he has been in communication with Staff Sgt. Larry Turner about potential solutions, including possible disposal boxes.

“There is no easy solution,” summarized Pardy.

He says the town council will inform the public about the issue, and the concern and care needed in properly disposing of needles.

The mayor also told The Packet that looking into having a diver check the swimming hole for discarded needles and other dangerous objects is not outside the realm of possibility.

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