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“Madam Web” producer in superhero fatigues

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Various people have weighed in on the topic of superhero fatigue lately, especially since the genre has been plagued by so many failures lately — even from those who have had guaranteed hits in the past.

Some have dismissed the notion that the genre is not so tired, but rather bland or poor filmmaking. This weekend we see “Spider-Man” spin-off “Madam Web” landing at the box office with poor reviews and underperforming box office expectations.

That didn't stop mega-producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura, the “GI Joe” franchise director who produced “Transformers” and “Madam Web,” from weighing in on the topic in a recent interview. talking with Discusses the movie Yesterday to promote the project he said:

“I think there are two things going on with Marvel [the MCU] and DC. First of all, I think those kinds of superhero movies have suffered a little bit because they've moved away from the successful start of the first Iron Man or Christopher Nolan's Batman. They are really character driven movies.

And then, when you start getting into these bigger pictures where you're trying to tie all the worlds together, you're really moving away from the emotional journey of the central characters.

So, for me, part of the fatigue is that you have to keep track of everything now. You know, it's almost like homework. With Madame Web, you don't need to know anything about the movie. You're going to meet a new character and then go on an emotional journey with them.

This leads to my second point, that recent superhero movies have moved away from having unusual characters, it's about getting to know them and then going on a ride together.

This makes it more character-driven and therefore engaging, it's not just about the visuals. Trust me, if you have seen some of my movies, I love the visuals. But I think there's a lesson to be learned when you start wearing an image for its own sake.

Whether he took his own lesson to heart is another story. “Madam Web” currently sits at 13% (3.4/10) from 172 reviews from critics and just 54% with viewers. Rotten tomatoes – Worse than “Morbius” (15% critics/71% viewers) and the second-worst Marvel adaptation in recent years behind the short-lived “Inhumans” TV series (11%/43%).

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As Johnson puts it, the message comes Magic FM He hasn't actually seen the film yet because he tends to avoid watching his own movies, and said that “it's kind of selfish not to watch my movies.”

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