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the other two, Max , a comedy about the inner workings of Hollywood, will conclude with its season three finale on June 29. The Hollywood Reporter I learned that the decision followed complaints from several employees about creators and showrunners Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider during production, although several insiders say there was no reason between the complaints and the decision to end the third season.

Many related resources the other two Confirm that Kelly and Schneider reported the behavior on set and in the writers’ room to human resources. These included claims that Kelly verbally abused the writers and overworked crew and that Schneider enforced his behavior.

According to sources, the production conducted a formal investigation into the behavior, during which Kelly and Schneider were banned from the set for a period of time. Kelly and Schneider were formally cleared of wrongdoing and allowed to return.

Kelly declined to comment. Schneider could not be reached for comment by the time of publication. MTV and Max declined to comment beyond reports about the show’s end.

A satire of ego, ambition and evil in the entertainment industry, the irony of being allegedly victimized by the things it illustrates is not lost on those involved. “There’s a lot of Chris and Sarah on the show … I think a lot of their frustration comes from not being on camera,” says an insider. “These two started out as improvisers. It’s a show about people who crave fame. Their friends and colleagues are well-known. … It’s like the show.” Another show adds evidence about the show’s toxic culture being an open secret in the industry: “Other writers tell stories about it. the other two Writers’ rooms as others tell ghost stories.

Tina Fey nodded to Kelly and Schneider’s behavior in March Speech He quipped at the PEN America Literary Awards the other two exec producer Lorne Michaels was partly responsible for aligning the pair during their tenure Saturday Night Live. “No one engages writers like Lorne Michaels,” he said. “Larne, you’ve unleashed an army of monsters on the world. You know it, I know it, and crew. the other two It knows – oh I want to change it. I need to change that. It is inappropriate. Oh, and it’s not livestreaming.

Those involved in production do not provide equal responsibility. “As a group, they were pretty destructive, but Chris was mean to Sarah, too,” one explains. the other two senior Another production source admits: “Sarah is in a toxic professional relationship with him.”

The series, starring Drew Tarver and Helene York, will conclude with the season three finale on June 29, which is designed to be the series finale.

“It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to the Dubec family after three seasons, but we always knew creatively and personally that this is where we wanted to end their stories,” Kelly and Schneider said in a joint statement. “Also, we really don’t have the means to shame Drew Tarver, so what’s the point? We’re deeply grateful to everyone (gay) who watched the show, to Max who gave us a second home and life, and to our writers, producers and crew who gave their time, talent and passion for this show. The past 45 Years. Finally, thank you to Helen, Drew, Molly, Case, Wanda, Josh, Brandon and all of our great cast (except Ken) for making this show better than it has any right to be. Tremendously missed (especially Ken). Long live the Chase Dreams. #Chase Dreams are #globesareke #beats.”

Case Walker, Ken Marino, Molly Shannon, Brandon Scott Jones, Josh Segarra and Wanda Sykes round out the cast of the series, which originally greenlit Comedy Central but moved to the former HBO Max with its second and third seasons after basic cable. The network pulled out of the scripted original commercial. MTV Entertainment Studios is producing the comedy in association with Jax Media and Michaels’ Broadway Video.

“From the moment we met with the Dubec family, we knew we had to bring this show to streaming as one of our first and most signature Max originals,” said Suzanna Makos, exec vp originals at Max. “We are very proud to have delivered a hilarious and poignant third and final season the other two. With its creative and out-of-the-box commentary on the entertainment industry, Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider became a major figure in pop culture that continued to reach new heights and resonate with many. As the series comes to its natural conclusion, we wish all the best to this amazing cast and crew.

Never a ratings breakout or awards contender, the other two He had a loyal following in the industry as he gave an inside look at the show in Hollywood. The series currently holds a 97 percent rating among critics and an 84 percent rating among viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

— Lacey Rose contributed to this report

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