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William Buckle enjoys summer job and everything that comes with it

All in a day’s work




William Buckle of Forteau got much more from his summer job working on the town wharf than just a paycheque.

Fourteen-years-old at the time he started the job, William discovered not only a love of seafood but also an interest in how to prepare such food.

Since taking on the job in July, William has cooked everything from halibut cheeks to squid rings.

William, who turned 15 on Aug. 7, started his job in early July and finished up on Sept. 4.

His hours varied depending on how much fish came to the wharf.

“I was shovelling ice into the trucks and making slush (ice). I put lids on tubs when fish was put into them,” he said of some of the duties involved in his job.

William said he enjoyed working with the other staff at the wharf and learning from them.

The wharf is a great place to meet people, he said, because a lot of people drop by to have a chat and see what’s happening.

A love of seafood

From herring to halibut, capelin to squid (the squid was caught in the halibut traps), William took an interest in all species.

“I bought home a few mackerel and one of the fishermen gave me a few halibut cheeks. I deep fried the halibut cheeks and I made squid rings. And I got Mom to bake (and stuff) me two squids,” he said.

William’s parents, Vernon and Adele Buckle, agreed the job has been great for their son. They are both proud of him, Adele said.

“We had hamburgers (for supper) last night. William didn’t want that. He wanted fish. That’s unusual for a teenager,” Adele said lightheartedly.

Adele said she watched her son at work one day while waiting for him to finish up his shift.

“I had never seen the operation before and it was fascinating watching him falling in line with the other workers. The people he worked with were fabulous,” she said.

Adele said she’s been told that William took direction from other workers and was willing to learn – great characteristics for any work environment.

The job has taught her son to become more independent, she said.

As for his newly acquired love of seafood, she said, he not only enjoys eating the fish, but also finding ways to cook different species.

“He cooked the halibut cheeks himself. And every now and then I’d find him on You-Tube looking up how to cook something,” she said. “He did that with the squid rings and then he cooked them.”

William is now in Grade 10 at Labrador Straits Academy.

It would be nice, he said, if he could get the same job again next summer.

“Mom and Dad were perfectly fine with me working. They don’t have to spend any money on me now,” William said.

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