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St. Anthony air cadets launch model rockets

ST. ANTHONY, N.L. — Three, two, one and … lift off!

With a sudden blast, rockets screamed across the grey June sky as the 774 St. Anthony Air Cadets got to experience the thrill of rocket launching for the first time.

Several cadets from the squadron gathered at the St. Anthony baseball field on Saturday, June 30, to launch model rockets.

With the instruction of Godfrey Mitchelmore, each cadet got the opportunity to launch at least one rocket.

Most of the flights went smoothly and the rockets landed softly as they dispensed parachutes at the vertex of each flight.

The squad purchased the rockets and the cadets assembled them independently.

The model rocket building is not a required part of the air cadets program, but was an optional course the cadets got to do this year.

They hope to do it again next year.

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