Leaders Vs. The Raiders are different, but one of the wildest TDs of the year will be called back due to a penalty

Andy Reid and his crew need to get a little loopy during their night out Kansas City Chiefs‘ Convenience.

No team comes up with stranger patterns and movements, especially near the goal line, than the Chiefs. vs. They outdid themselves on Saturday Las Vegas RaidersA touchdown was wasted due to a holding penalty.

Imagine the reaction at practice when the head coaches instructed the players to do their spinning merry-go-round, get out of it, and get into their positions. Then, they want a snap for the running back, who will pitch again Patrick MahomesFor him to throw it to the left.

It’s about the weirdest thing you’ll see in the NFL this season.

And, unfortunately, it doesn’t count. touching Catharious Tony Taken off the board due to a holding penalty. Tony then scored, giving the Chiefs a 21-3 lead, and the highlight was on.

If Reid and his staff had what they cooked up for the Raiders in Week 18, imagine what they’d dream up for the playoffs.

Head coach Andy Reid prepared a creative play for the Raiders. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

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