Kenny Pickett says he declined to be the backup quarterback on Sunday

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is unhappy with reports that he has declined to play as a backup in Sunday's game against the Seahawks.

Pickett, demoted to the No. 2 quarterback behind Mason Rudolph, says he was medically inactive Sunday to return from ankle surgery. He's been cleared to play this week and says he's ready to do what he needs to do as Rudolph's backup in a crucial game against the Ravens.

“I saw messages out there that I felt were an attack on my character and who I am as a person,” Pickett told reporters in the Steelers locker room today. If I'm healthy enough to play and the coaches and trainers feel I'm good enough to play, then I'm going to start playing. If they believe I'm not, I'm not going to play dress up if they believe I'm not. So whoever reported it, I don't know where it started, it's kind of crazy what people will write or publish to try to prove their point or prove their position or their profession or what you do. I am disappointed to see it without any proof or evidence. So this week I'm now 2, I'm in clothes and 2 and I'm feeling better four weeks into surgery so I'll be ready to go to Baltimore. Any other questions about that, I feel like I answered that pretty well, any other, any Baltimore questions, we're going to Baltimore.

Pickett is sure to be disappointed that the Steelers are sticking with Rudolph, and the decision raises big questions about Pickett's future in Pittsburgh. But now that he's said to be Rudolph's backup, he says he's willing to accept it and be in a play.

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