Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Judge rejects Trump's attempt to delay $83 million settlement in Carroll case

Writer E. A federal judge on Thursday denied Donald Trump's request to delay enforcement of an $83.3 million judgment owed to Jean Carroll., Meaning Trump You have until Monday to post a bond or put money into the case.

The former president and 2024 Republican White House candidate has sought to postpone payments on significant fines he owes following two recent courtroom losses in New York, which could leave him facing a severe cash crunch.

A jury in January ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83 million for defamation, and a separate civil fraud trial concluded last month with a judge ordering at least $450 million in fines.

The ruling in Carroll's case becomes final on Monday, and Trump must keep the money in cash or bonds to avoid execution amid appeals. Trump's attorneys have filed a motion to delay the ruling or allow him to post a bond that is at least “a portion of the judgment amount” while he appeals.

Judge Trump won't delay the financial penalty, but allows the sons to stay at the company for now

Trump's lawyers filed Wednesday A request Carroll defers any payment of the judgment within three business days of the court ruling on the motion. Requiring Trump to post a bond “or other security” before a court injunction “threatens to impose irreparable injury in the form of substantial costs (which may or may not be recoverable),” they wrote.

Carroll's case was overseen by U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan denied the request Thursday afternoon. In a brief order, Kaplan rejected Trump's claims about the costs, writing that his side had not shown what expenses he might incur if he had to post a bond.

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Kaplan also suggested Trump's “current situation” was self-inflicted, he wrote from Jan. 26 — the day a jury ordered him to pay $83 million to Carroll — to organize his finances knowing the bond could develop. Despite this, Kaplan continued, and Trump requested a pause between his post-trial motions 25 days after the ruling.

Carol's attorney, Roberta Kaplan, declined to comment on the judge's order. (Kaplan and the judge are not related.) Trump's attorney, Alina Hubba, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Carroll, a writer, accused Trump in 2019 of sexually assaulting her decades ago. Trump has vehemently denied her allegations and publicly criticized her, filing two civil lawsuits against her.

The clock is ticking for Trump to post half a billion dollars worth of bonds

Trump is closing in on another Republican presidential nomination and a rematch with President Biden. He is campaigning against four criminal cases, including one in New York that will go to trial this month.

Trump sought to delay enforcement of more than half a billion dollars he was owed in the Carroll case and following a separate civil suit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D). He accused him and others of committing financial fraud over the years, and New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ordered him to pay at least $450 million in fines.

Trump asked an appeals court judge to delay enforcement of Engron's decision or allow him to post a $100 million bond rather than the full amount. An appeals court judge rejected his request, and a full panel is expected to review the case soon.

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In Carroll's case, Trump's lawyers sought to stay the ruling, saying his post-trial motions would “significantly reduce, if not eliminate” the amount he owes.

Trump sought to expedite Kaplan's decision on the matter, asking for a decision by last Monday. Kaplan declined to do so, writing in that day's order: “A decision shall be rendered as promptly as reasonably possible.”

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