Jets Featured on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks,’ A Report: Why It’s Not a Big Surprise

According to ESPN, HBO selected the New York Jets to feature in the “Hard Knocks” series during the team’s summer training camp. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cameras will be rolling when the Jets begin training camp on July 19.
  • The Jets are one of four teams to qualify for the series, along with the Saints, Bears and Commanders.
  • Teams are ineligible for the program if they have a first-year head coach, have earned a playoff spot in the last two seasons and have appeared in the “Hard Knocks” in the last 10 years.

AthleticInstant Analysis:

Is it surprising?

The Jets were adamant they didn’t want to be in “hard knocks” — coach Robert Saleh said as much — but alas, they didn’t get their wish. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering the NFL already has five prime-time games scheduled and the opening Black Friday game against the Dolphins in November.

Once the Jets reel in quarterback Aaron Rodgers, they are the most attractive of the four teams the NFL could force to participate in the HBO show. — Rosenblatt

A place where jets take off

Saleh and the Jets haven’t said why they don’t want HBO to be featured in training camp, but a key reason is that they don’t want any distractions in a year when they fully believe a Super Bowl is within reach. Also, other teams will be looking for clues when they face “hard knocks”. Another reason: The Jets host their own version of “Hard Knocks” locally, which last year was called “One Jets Drive,” named after their facilities address. The series included footage of players playing at home, behind-the-scenes footage at the facility and meetings — a specialty of “Hard Knocks.”

Now that we know the Jets will be on the show, it’s not hard to imagine the show being particularly entertaining. Not only is Rodgers a factor, but Chaz Gardner, Garrett Wilson, Brees Hall and T.J. There’s a list of personalities that include Reed — and storylines from Zach Wilson’s third year as Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett to his struggles as Quinnen Williams. contract and so on. — Rosenblatt

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