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Jan. 6 rioter who tore off Officer Daniel Hodges’ gas mask gets 7 years in prison

WASHINGTON — A Jan. 6 rioter who tore off an officer’s gas mask during a brutal fight on the Lower West Subway leading into the Capitol was sentenced Friday to more than seven years in federal prison.

Steven Cappuccio was sentenced to 85 months in prison during a sentencing hearing before US District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Donald Trump appointee.

The government had Tried He served more than 10 years in federal prison after calling Capuccio’s attack on Officer Daniel Hodges “sadly brutal.”

“How do you like me now, mother f—r?” Cappuccio screamed during the attack. “How do you like me now, f—?!” He put the phone in his mouth. Video Tests were given on the show so he could use both hands to attack Hodges.

Steven Cappuccio, Jan. Center at the Capitol on 6, 2021.United States Attorney for the District of Columbia

Hodges had to seek medical attention after the attack and had an MRI done; Footage of the attack on him in the Capitol subway played prominently in the committee’s public hearings on January 6.

Hood, a senior, requested Before ruling that PTSD was partly responsible for his actions that day, Hodges, a veteran, denied that claim. Report to court.

“I’m curious at what point his mental condition took all agency from his rational mind: Did it take hold of him before he drove 1,600 miles from his home in Texas to the Capitol? Or was it only when he stopped to buy a mirror for his quiet First Amendment congregation?” Hodges wrote. “Was he in control when he stormed onto the Capitol grounds after Trump instructed them to march there? As he moved through the crowd, leading the vanguard of the attack, he fought to break us up. [defenses]?”

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“When did he regain consciousness?” Hodges continued. “Before or after he tried to kill me?”

Steven Cappuccio grabs the mask of Officer Daniel Hodges during a riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.United States Attorney for the District of Columbia

Cappuccio appeared in court in an orange jumpsuit and was remanded in custody following his sentencing earlier this year. Earlier in the day, Cappuccio’s co-defendant, Trump appointee Federico Klein, was sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison for participating in attacks on officers in the Lower West Subway.

More than 1,100 defendants have been arrested in connection with the capital attack, and more than 400 have been sentenced to prison terms.

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