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Israel says expanding ground operations in Gaza as war with Hamas escalates: Live updates

6:07 am ET, October 28, 2023

Israeli ground forces inside Gaza, a military spokesman confirmed

From CNN’s Zahid Mahmoud and Ido Soen

Israeli ground forces entered Gaza from the north into the enclave overnight, military spokesman Daniel Hagari said Saturday morning.

Israeli forces “entered the Gaza Strip Expanded ground operations “There are infantry, armored and engineer units, as well as heavy artillery,” Hagari said during a press conference in Tel Aviv.

“Forces are on the ground and continuing to fight,” he said, without elaborating.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) The spokesman’s words confirm that the military operation has undergone a significant escalation after what he previously described as two “targeted raids” on Wednesday night and Thursday night. Both of those raids were withdrawn hours later by ground forces.

However, it does not appear that any major ground offensive aimed at capturing and holding a significant amount of territory is yet underway.

Hagari said the army suffered no casualties in the overnight fighting, adding that “we are doing everything to keep our forces safe”.

An IDF spokesman said Gazans who had moved south of Wadi Gaza, the waterway that bisects the area’s center, were in what he called a “protected area” and would receive more food, water and medicine today, though he did not give. Any details.

Hagari reiterated his plea to ignore rumors of a hostage deal with Hamas, calling it a cynical move by the group aimed at promoting what he called “psychological terrorism”.

“Repatriation of hostages is a supreme national effort and all our operational activities are geared towards achieving this goal,” he said.

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