Thursday, July 25, 2024

E. Gene Carroll May Sue Trump Third After ‘Vile’ Comments on CNN

Former President Donald J. E. Jean Carroll is considering whether to file a new defamation lawsuit against Trump after he spoke out against him during a CNN town hall Wednesday night. “Fake” and a “made up story,” his attorney said Thursday.

Mr. Trump’s comments on CNN came a day after a federal jury in Manhattan awarded Ms. Carroll $5 million in damages, finding Mr. Trump liable for sexually abusing her in the mid-1990s and defamation of her claims last year. Trump’s comments surfaced. A social media post attacked the “complete virgin job” as a “hoax and lie”.

Mrs. Carroll said Thursday morning that Mr. His lawyer, Roberta A. Kaplan, he said, sent him a transcript of his remarks and read only the first paragraph.

“It’s just stupid, it’s hateful, it’s vile, it’s wrong, it hurts people,” Ms. Carroll told The New York Times, adding that she was “insulted by great people.”

Mr. Carroll said she was outraged when her longtime stylist said her 15-year-old son was talking about what Trump had said.

“I feel sorry for young people in America,” Ms. Carroll said. “They can’t listen to this old-fashioned view of baldness and women, which is a caveman’s view.”

In addition to the case that ended on Tuesday, Mr. Ms. Carroll has already filed a defamation suit against Trump, which is still pending. Mr Trump argued in the suit that he could not be sued for making those comments in his official capacity as president.

On Thursday, Mr. Ms Kaplan said no decision had been made on whether a new defamation suit would be filed in light of Trump’s recent comments.

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“Everything is on the table, obviously, and we have to seriously consider it,” Ms. Kaplan said. “We will have to weigh the various pros and cons and probably come to a decision in the next day or so.”

Responding to questions from a CNN moderator about the Manhattan jury’s verdict against him on Tuesday, Mr. Trump called Ms. Carroll a “fantastic job” and her civil trial was a “bad deal.”

His remarks drew laughter and applause from the audience

Mr Trump scoffed at Ms Carroll’s story.

“What kind of girl meets someone and picks them up and within minutes is playing hongy bangy in the dressing room?” Mr Trump said.

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