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Donald Trump Shoes: Everything We Know About the $399 'Never Give Up' Gold High-Tops

After being ordered to pay more than $300 million in his high-profile fraud investigation, Donald Trump already has a new money-making scheme — selling coaches.

The former president debuted his new “Never Surrender” high-top shoes at SneakerCon in Philadelphia on Saturday.

The Golden Shoes started with a hefty price tag of $399, but have already sold for several times that amount online.

Here's what we know about Mr Trump's latest foray into the world of fashion:

To 'True Patriots'

Among Trump's first “official” items, the former president is fine with two of his favorite things — America and himself.

The bright gold high-top shoes feature a large “T” emblazoned on the side, an American flag stitched around the collar, offer “both style and comfort” and are described as “perfect for any Trump supporter.”

Customers are once again treated to a “piece of history” by purchasing shoes of which only 1000 pairs are said to have been produced.

The bright gold high-tops feature a large 'T' emblazoned on the side and an American flag stitched around the collar.

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Each pair will be numbered and “at least 10 pairs” will be autographed by Mr Trump, according to the website that sells the shoes.

“They're for go-getters who don't know the word quit. With a classy gold finish and 'T' badge, these kicks are for true patriots,” reads a description.

“Draped with an American flag on the collar, they scream bold and independent. The Never Surrender sneakers are your rallying cry in shoe form. Lace-up and step out ready to conquer.

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Two more pairs of shoes are also available; One pair of white “POTUS” shoes and another pair of red “T-Wave” shoes.

how much

The “Never Surrender” high tops carry a hefty price tag of $399, but the shoes have already sparked fierce bidding wars online due to their uniqueness.

A quick eBay search on Sunday showed a pair of shoes going for less than $5,000. A Maga supporter claimed to have paid a $9,000 bid for the signed pair.

The high tops are already sold out online and pre-orders are available, the website said.

The other two pairs of shoes available online retail for $199 on the website.

The new website sells other Trump-branded shoes and “Victory47” cologne and perfume for $99 a bottle.

One Maga supporter claimed to have paid $9,000 at auction for a signed pair of shoes.


Political connection?

Despite the shoes and the website espousing the Trump-like rhetoric often seen on his campaign trail, the website says it has no connection to “any political campaign.”

The former president received a standing ovation at the Philadelphia Convention Center when he introduced the footwear.

“There's a lot of emotion in this room,” he said of the reaction, holding up a pair of gold shoes and then placing one on each side of his podium.

“This is something I've been talking about for 12, 13 years. And I think it will be a big hit.

Trump campaign officials promoted the appearance in online posts.

However, a disclaimer on the website states: “'Trump' and related design are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CIC Ventures LLC.

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“Trump sneakers are Donald J. Not designed, manufactured, distributed or sold by Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliated companies or principals. 45Footwear, LLC uses the Trump name, image and likeness under a license agreement that may be terminated or revoked in accordance with its terms.

“ is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign.”

Trump products

Donald Trump has his new 'Never Surrender' high top shoes at SneakerCon


The shoes and cologne are the latest attempt to cash in on the former president's scandal.

During the Christmas period, Mr Trump promoted a wide range of “Never Give Up” items, including cards, wrapping paper and parts of his own costume.

In December, he advertised pieces of the suit he wore while taking the now-infamous mugshot — a bargain price of $4,600 — as a “historic” Christmas present.

The opportunity came as part of his series of digital trading cards titled The Mugshot Edition. Customers were able to purchase 47 digital trading cards featuring various patriotic pop art depictions of Mr. Trump — for $99 a pop — and then receive a special physical card as a gift.

Christmas items were promoted by his campaign website, including mugshot-themed stationery and stocking. His signature “Make America Great Again” baseball caps are still on sale, having previously been offered during the festive season in traditional red and green with Christmas lights decorations.

The caps sold for $50 each, while the wrapping paper sold for $35. Stocking costs $25.

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