David Soule, star of hit cop show 'Starsky & Hutch', dies at 80

In 1977, the year after releasing her debut album, she topped the Billboard Hot 100 with the ballad Lacrimos. “Don't leave us.” Years later, Owen Wilson, as Hatch, parodied the song No-one loves more Fashion in the 2004 feature-film comedy version of the show, starring Ben Stiller as Starsky and Snoop Dogg as Huggie Bear.

Mr. Atma, who has often said that music is a priority over acting, has released Five albums Ranked fourth in his career Top 10 hits It climbed to No. 1 in Britain in the 1970s, including “Don't Give Up on Us”; “The Silver Lady” It also went to No. 1, but only reached Number 52 In America; And “Going in with my eyes open” – No. in Britain. 2 and US charts at no. 54.

Robert Palmer of The New York Times, reviewing her 1977 concert at Radio City Music Hall, noted, “She had a singing sensation of camera-wielding teenage girls charging the stage, hundreds of exploding flash cubes and a twinkling. Continuous noise.”

Mr. Sol was born on August 28, 1943, to David Richard Solberg, a professor of political science and history and a theologian, and June (Nelson) Solberg, a teacher.

During David's youth, the family lived in Cold War-era Berlin and South Dakota. He wanted to be a diplomat or a minister before turning his sights on a career in show business. In his late teens, he learns that his girlfriend Mime is pregnant; They got married due to parental pressure.

Then, when he was 22, he found his wife with another man, a friend of his, who left him and their young son Christopher to chase his dreams in New York.

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