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Mayor’s Corner: Burgeo

Richard Blagdon, Deputy Mayor
Richard Blagdon, Deputy Mayor - -File photo

Low income housing, town manager’s resignation, and water treatment plant issues for Burgeo




Water Treatment Plant Repairs

A small explosion at Burgeo’s water treatment facility recently required the town to bring in a technician in from Germany to service the unit’s ozone generator.

Deputy Mayor Rick Blagdon told The Gulf News last week the repairs were made on Aug. 16, but the German technician must return to deal with some minor issues.

The cost of the technician’s trip will be shared with the Town of Gander, which has a similar unit, the Mayor says.

“Every time something major goes on, someone has to come in from Germany,” Blagdon explains.  “Gander’s on the same system. He (the technician) usually does two towns at once.”

The estimated cost to do the repairs for Burgeo is $25,723. The town is applying to the province for funding to cover 90 percent of the cost.

Low Income Housing

In his interview with the Gulf News, Deputy Mayor Blagdon also noted that his town his interested in seeking low income housing.

He notes the Town of Port aux Basques recently received funding for low income housing units and Burgeo would like to do the same.

“There is definitely a need for low income housing in Burgeo,” says Blagdon.

However when councillors inquired about the possibility of obtaining a similar contract for Burgeo, they learned the program is no longer available. “We looked into it and found out it was a project from about three years ago,” Blagdon says.  “So that funding was dried up and gone long ago.”

Town Manager Resignation

Blagdon also confirmed that Burgeo’s town manager, Blaine Marks, is resigning.

Marks gave the council two months’ notice recently, telling council he would be willing to spend time to provide training for his replacement, if needed.

The Town has issued a request for proposals and will engage a consulting company to consult on hiring of a new town manager.

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