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285 Leif Eriksen Sea Cadets perform impressive display

ST. LUNAIRE-GRIQUET, NL. – The RCSCC 285 Leif Eriksen Sea Cadet squadron delivered its 36th annual ceremonial review on June 6.

The cadets were inspected on the occasion by reviewing officer, LCdr Gerald Hartley.

In addition to inspection, the cadets presented junior drill team, band, senior drill and colour party displays. There was also a moving memorial tribute to former sea cadet Danny Burden who has passed away.

Award winners

Best First Year – Kobe Peyton

Best Second Year – Katelyn Hedderson

Best Third Year – Emily Jones

Best Petty Officer – Lucas Patey

Best Staff Cadet – Caleb Burden

Best Bandsman – Allison Jones

Best Guardsman/Danny Burden Memorial Award – Alexander Pilgrim

Best Dressed Cadet – Rikita Twyne

Best All-Round Cadet – Kate Burden

Most Improved Cadet/Darryl Pynn Memorial Award – Alexander Keefe

Best Disciplined Cadet – Amos Semigak

Best Colour Party Cadet – Rikita Twyne

Commanding Officers Award – Kyle Semigak

Dedication of Service Award – Kate Burden, Caleb Burden, Tracy Bussey, Patrick Humby

Legion Medal of Excellence – Tracy Bussey

Lord Strathcona Trust Medal – Rikita Twyne

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