Skating stars shine

St. Anthony 32nd Annual Ice Show held on April 6    

Published on April 12, 2017

The boys and girls charmed the audience as they danced. The Star 1 and 2 Pairs danced to “Time of My Life.” Pictured are Julia Taylor and Jace Hillier.

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St. Anthony’s best and brightest young skaters delivered a dazzling display underneath the stars last Thursday night.

The Northern Blades Figure Skating Club hosted its 32nd Annual Ice Show April 6.

The theme was Skating Under the Stars.

The show the highlight of the club’s season every year, giving all of its skaters the opportunity to perform in front of their home crowd at the Polar Centre.

This year, the arena was packed to see the talent show off their impressive skills.

Award Winners

Junior CanSkater of the Year: Kera Tucker

Most Improved Junior CanSkater: Hannah Rowbottom

Senior CanSkater of the Year: Kaylee Tucker

Most Improved Senior CanSkater of the Year: Abby Noble

Junior StarSkater of the Year: Megan Blake

Most Improved Junior StarSkater: Maggie Power

Senior StarSkater of the Year: Hailey Blake

Most Improved Senior StarSkater: Jenna Coombs

Junior PA of the Year: Allie Hancock

Senior PA of the Year: Leslie Pilgrim

Hailey Blake finishes her routine to “A Thousand Years.” Hailey would go on to win Senior StarSkater of the Year.

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Maggie Crisby performs to “Wake the Stars."

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