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Recreational groundfish fishery fall season to open Saturday

Pan-fired cod
Pan-fired cod

The 2017 Newfoundland and Labrador recreational groundfish fishery will be open this weekend.

DFO announced Friday that the fall season with begin Saturday and will close Sunday, Oct. 1.

The recreational groundfish fishery will occur in all NAFO areas and subareas across the province, including 2GH, 2J3KL, 3Ps, 3Pn, and 4R.

DFO is reminding the public that fishing is not permitted in the Eastport and Gilbert Bay Marine Protected Areas.

Recreational fishers are limited to five groundfish per day, including cod. However, the maximum boat limit when three or more people are fishing is 15 groundfish.

For 2017, tour boat operators will be eligible to apply for a licence to seek an increased trip limit. This licence will have harvest reporting requirements.

Further details on all applicable management measures can be found at or by calling 709-772-4423 for recreational fishing.

For safety reasons, fishing is only permitted from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. DFO is reminding the public to follow safe boating practices and be aware of local weather and sea conditions before leaving port.

Participants in the recreational groundfish fishery are further reminded to inspect their catch carefully for pink or yellow tags, located on the back of the fish. The tags are uniquely numbered and have a DFO address and reward value ($10 or $100) printed on them. Participants should return the tag along with the location and date of capture, and include their mailing address, to claim the tag reward.


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