Fire alarm at White Hills Academy

Published on February 15, 2017

Students wait inside these buses while the St. Anthony Volunteer Fire Department search the school for the source of the fire alarm.

©Photo by Melissa Jenkins/TC Media

This would not have been an ideal day for a fire alarm to go off at a local school, but in St. Anthony, that's exactly what happened.

Students and teachers were evacuated from White Hills Academy just before 11 a.m. when the fire alarm went off without warning.

Many of the older students and teachers went outside in the snow and wind without coats, but the youngest students were able to grab theirs on the way.

Fire Chief Peter Green (right) talks to principal Mervin Parsons about the alarm.
Photo by Melissa Jenkins/TC Media

All of the students got on buses that were situated in the school's parking lot.

The St. Anthony Volunteer Fire Department was quick to respond, as was the local RCMP.

Firefighters searched the building, but could not find a source of a fire.

Fire Chief Peter Green said right now, it just looks like a malfunction, and no need for concern.

Due to weather conditions while students were waiting to return to the building, staff decided it was best to send students home.

After an hour, students were able to get off the buses and retreive their jackets and backpacks before heading home.