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SHAD an exciting opportunity for St. Anthony teen

For Brooke Warren, the SHAD program was a new idea that she couldn’t turn down.

When a presentation was made at her school, White Hills Academy in St. Anthony, earlier this school year, it seemed like something she would enjoy.

“The presentation really emphasized that it was free to apply and if you get in, the tuition costs are taken care of for Newfoundland and Labrador students,” said the 16-year-old. “I realized there was no harm in applying, so why not?”

The application consisted of three essays, a list of Warren’s top accomplishments and all of her extra curricular activities.

It took about a month to complete and submit the application.

Two of the essays were easy for Warren, who is a well-accomplished athlete and excels in both academics and extra curriculars. The topics were why she wanted to participate in SHAD, a time she demonstrated herself as a leader, and one creative essay about a time she took initiative to fix a problem.

“I had the hardest time with the creative essay, but I eventually thought of something,” Warren said of her struggles.

The Application was submitted in November and she had be anxiously waiting for a response since.

Las week, she and some 50 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians received an acceptance email.

“I was terrified to open (it) until I seen the letters “Con” underneath the name,” she said. “I realized the word was congratulations. I was so thrilled, I wouldn’t stop smiling, and I still haven’t.”

The acceptance came as a surprise to Warren, but she was thrilled she took the chance.

“The long month it took me to apply was 100 per cent worth it,” she said. “And I learned one of life’s lessons — you never know until you try.

“I am over the moon about my acceptable, and very proud that all my hard work in school and being involved in extra curricular activities has paid off.”

Warren isn’t sure which University she’ll be placed in, but she is just excited she gets to participate.

The program runs for four weeks in July, and Warren could be placed in one of 13 universities across the country

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