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A blast from the past: Daniel’s Harbour opening time capsule this July

The Daniel’s Harbour’s time capsule will reveal its secrets on July 21.
The Daniel’s Harbour’s time capsule will reveal its secrets on July 21.

DANIEL’S HARBOUR, NL – After 50 years, the Daniel’s Harbour crypt will soon reveal its secrets.

On July 21, during the Come Home Year celebrations, the Town of Daniel’s Harbour will be opening its time capsule – a cement crypt where locals placed a variety of personal items in 1967 as part of Canada’s centennial celebrations.

The intention was for the crypt to be re-opened 50 years later for Canada 150, and for locals to find the items in there that friends and family and even their past selves have left inside.

The message engraved on the time capsule crypt can still be clearly read 50 years later.

Inscribed on the outside are the following words: “This crypt contains artifacts from the residents of Daniel’s Harbour and surrounding area to be opened year 2017. Erected to commemorate Canada’s centennial year 1967.”

Now the time has come and the town is approaching the July 21 date with great anticipation.

“How many places got time capsules?” asks Ross Humber, the mayor of Daniel’s Harbour.

As the crypt will be opened during the Come Home Year, it’ll have many people returning home and finding something hidden away here for them as well.

“(We decided) to have it all come together at one time,” says Humber.

What’s in the crypt will be a total mystery for many. Some who put items in there are no longer around, while many today weren’t around back then. And some of those who placed items in there and are still around may not remember what it was they placed inside.

“We don’t know what we’re dealing with here really,” says Humber.

He does know that some kids at the time put letters to themselves in there.

“Kids in school were asked to put stuff in there for themselves, like a futuristic letter of where they thought they were going and what they thought they would do in life,” he says.

Humber knows that his now 87-year-old father put something in there for him.

His father remembers what it was but won’t reveal it to him. And Humber feels no compulsion to pressure him on it.

“I never pressed the issue,” he says. “He kept it this long, why am I going to press it for another couple months?”

Afterwards, the town intends on putting back another time capsule. Locals will once again be putting their own artifacts in a crypt to be re-opened by themselves or by loved ones 50 years down the line.

Who knows what will be in store.

Humber is appreciative of the time and commitment the Come Home Year committee has put into this event.

“They’ve done wonders,” he says.

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