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Dear Editor,

I'm writing to you because I am against the capelin fishery, because of the destruction going on out there on the water.

The seiners are waiting for another shot or chance to catch the only food that the codfish bite, and that's capelin. If these seiners aren't stopped immediately then the capelin will be a thing of the past and the codfish will be a thing of the past because their food will be gone or disappeared.

You know, the whole world is laughing at the Newfoundlanders, because we're waiting for the codfish to come back and we know the fishermen are out there with their seiners and what they're doing is they're hunting the food right out of the codfishes' mouths.

I feel that the fishery for capelin should be closed forever.

We can always do as we did before, get our winter's supply on the sandy beaches at home. But there's a dozen sandy beaches where there is no capelin rolling in because the seiners has caught the capelin and that's why the codfish doesn't stay in a bay because there's no food.

The capelin fishery must be stopped immediately.


Walter Caines

Lark Habour

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Recent comments

  • Jennifer Moore
    April 25, 2012 - 13:40

    Been away for 20 years working in BC watching the herring fishery and tuna statistics... thinking about the capelin and cod. Is the dept. of fisheries and oceans still allowing the Japanese to take all the large pregnant females for their row appetites? Are they still not seeing the forest for the trees? What will it take to put a stop to the rape and pillage of our oceans. When will someone step up to the plate and say enough. Here's my stand. ENOUGH. Anyone who's fished for cod and gathered capelin off a beach and watched the decreasing numbers of both please speak up. Please lobby your nearest politician, please speak for those and that which cannot speak for itself, at least not in a voice that the greedy can hear. The planet is screaming ...when will WE start to listen. If we don't speak up, we can't complain when the cod, the capelin, the salmon and the tuna are all gone. Jennifer Moore Courtenay, British Columbia