Areas of opportunity

Updated at 15:00 - There are economic treasures in Central Newfoundland and there’s room for more, says the leader of the province’s Liberal party.

  IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITIES –  Liberal leader Dwight Ball was in Gander on Nov. 21 to talk about important economic opportunities in the Central region.   

Davis freezes discretionary spending

Updated at 13:42 - Premier Paul Davis announced in the House of Assembly Thursday that the government is freezing discretionary spending and hiring,...

Remains of Labrador Inuit found

Updated at 15:10 - It’s hard to believe that at one point in time, human beings were once displayed in a zoo like an animal.

‘He was acting like an animal’

Updated at 13:38 - With a wildly aggressive man pounding him with punches, you could understand Stephen Hopkins pulling out a knife to defend himself,...

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