Amber wants to be with you!

Updated at 12:00 - Amber is one of the foster cats in the care of Help the Strays Group St. Anthony & Area. She`s looking for her forever home.

For the Janeway

Updated on April 06, 2015 - Three Roddickton-Bide Arm sisters – Emily, Ashley and Shana Byrne – had been working very hard to raise money for the Janeway.

And the winner is...

Updated at 11:45 - Glenda Patey was awarded a dog basket from the St. Anthony Dog Park Committee for her Labradoodle Marlee. Patey received the most...

Small school with big time talent

Updated on April 06, 2015 - Coming from a school of only 15 didn't prevent table tennis player Jonathan Bromley from finding greater success.

For A Child's Wish Foundation

Updated on April 06, 2015 - For the third time in less than six years an amazing little girl from Bird Cove (Austyn Pittman) is making her mom proud of her...

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